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Monday, 16 April 2007
In common with moulds and wheel types the way windows were shown on the models also changed over time. However due to variations amongst different airline liveries and a gradual changeover between types it is difficult to talk with accuracy over specific types and when they were introduced. Schabak usually updated the livery when they changed the window look. Below are the general trends in window design in order.

Schuco Windows: A small number of DC10 models were completed with old Schuco style cockpit windows.

Black Windows: In the 1980 and early 90s windows were usually black. Where there was a dark cheatline they were often white and sometimes blue.

Silver/Grey windows: In the 1990s most of the models were updated with silver or grey windows.

Shadow windows: Around 2003/04 the silver windows gained a shadow effect and many colours were updated with the new style windows.

Printed windows: Since 2006 and the takeover by Schuco all models are tampon printed. Only some small details like logos and registrations are still on foils.


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