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Thursday, 28 June 2007
As with moulds schabak periodically changed the type of undercarriage wheels that they used. The main change was from large silver metal wheels to the small black plastic wheels of later models but between them there were several other variants used. The dates of changes are poorly known and it seems some different types were used for only short periods and their usage overlapped. Below are all known wheel types in order of appearance with the symbol used to explain them in the complete model listings.

Large Silver Metal Wheels: In some earlier Schuco mouldings both the nose and main gear were large silver metal wheels that usually rotated. (1982 - 1989/90)

Moulds used on: 747-100/200, 747-300, 747-400, DC10, Concorde

Large & Small Silver Metal Wheels: Most of the larger moulds in the 1980s had a small nose gear and large main undercarriage wheels. They too usually rotated. (1982 - 1989)

Moulds used on: A300, A310, DC8, 707, 757-200, 767-200, L1011

Small Silver Metal Wheels: The smaller moulds in the 1980s had all small undercarriage wheels. They did not rotate. (1982 - 1989/90)

Moulds used on: A320, DC3, DC9, MD80, 727, 737-200/300/400/500, L1049, CV440, Comet, Viscount, F27/28/50/100, ATR42, ATR72, SF340, EMB120

Small Silver Metal Wheels: At some point just before the introduction of the new small plastic wheels some airline variants on many but not all larger moulds got small metal wheels all over for a very short period. (1988 - 1990)

Moulds used on: A300, A310, DC8, MD11, 707, 747-400, 757-200, 767-200

Large Black Metal Wheels: A very mysterious wheel type. Only known for a few 767-200s. Perhaps schabak had left over moulds with the old wheel fittings or maybe they were genuinely trialling this type of wheel? (1989?)

Moulds used on: 767-200

Small Black Metal Wheels: The standard wheel type in the 1990s and beyond for all models. (1990 - 2005)

Moulds used on: All moulds

Small Silver Metal Wheels (2nd Generation): Disappointingly about the time that Schabak was going to bankrupt some of the last models appeared with the old small silver wheels probably because that was all the stock of wheels left. They were used on only a small number of models.

Moulds used on: 727-200, 747-400, L1011, 737

Plastic Wheels: The first model with the detailed plastic wheels was the A380. Due to problems with broken wheels, Schuco stoppted to use this feature on new mould releases like the 787.

Moulds used on: A380, Concorde


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