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Since the takeover by Schuco, Schabak improved some older moulds and also introduced complete new aircrafts in 1:600.
This page illustrate all the changes since the takeover in 2006.
(pictures and text by Julian Mittnacht)


Boeing 747-400 (2008)

On this picture you can clearly see the improvements of this new mould. Parts of the model are now join along the wings. Improved wings/wingtips and nose. Smaller engines. More detailed horizontal stabilizers and tail. The mould is called "Type V“ in the database.

Concorde (2008)

This is a complete new mould. The biggest improvement is the size of the Concorde. The new mould is much smaller than the old one and is now much more realistic. The details of the wings and engines are much better, also the nose is sharpener than before. The gears are equipped with more realistic plastic wheels. Sadly only two models are available for this beautiful aircraft.


Airbus A340-600 (2007)

This mould was introduced during the Toy Fair 2006 by Schuco. But it took a while since Schuco presented the first model. Sadly the mould is split into two big parts with a join along the middle of the body. Another annoying thing is that the midle main gear got only two tires instead of the needed four tires. Wings, nose and many other things are not that perfect like on the Concorde or 747-400.


Airbus A380 (2008)


Another complete new mould is the Airbus A380. The dimensions and wing details are perfect.
The gears are now completly made out of plastic which gives the model an extra touch of realness.
But Schuco seems to have a problem with this feature (many wheels were broken before the model reached the collector) and stopped to add this on new moulds like the 787.


Boeing 787-8 (2009)

The next complete new mould is the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Schuco introduced this mould in 2009 on Air Canada and Air India models. The first impression is good but if you look closer Schuco made some angry mistakes. The wings are too much curved which gives the model a look, like it is flying or up in the air. Schuco had problems with the new plastic gears introduced on the A380, so they made a step back on the 787 and used the common black metal wheels. They also missed the serrated engine cowls which is a typical feature of the new GEnx and Trent engines on the 787. Not at all the best mould and a step back comparing to the A380 or new 747-400 mould.


Boeing 777-200 (2010)

Small update for the Boeing 777-200 in the middle of 2010. The mould is no longer splitted in the middle into two big parts. The wings are now separated like on the new 747-400 or 787.


Airbus A340-600 (2010)

At the end of 2010 Schuco introduced an improved A340-600 mould. Now the wings are a seperate part of this model and the body itself is one big part and no longer splitted in the middle. The middle main landing gear still miss one aixle.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 15 August 2012 )